DAllen LogoblackblueUSADavid Allen Pickups

What can I say about David Allen Pickups? David’s pickups are among the finest I’ve ever played. In my travels I’ve had the privilege of playing vintage instruments, high end models of nearly every Guitar/Pickup company etc and Dave nails it! Dave makes vintage style pickups that go after a certain sound like a ’59 Les Paul or a ’62 Strat. There is something magical about the tone I get from my guitars after I put his pickups in and I am very thankful to have him as a friend!

I’m currently using The Cheetah Telecaster set, Texas Flood Strat set (SRV inspired), Tru59SV(early SRV tone) ,P51 (59 Gibson PAF style) Les Paul Set, 2 Sets of The Rebel Trons(Vintage Gretsch Tron Style), 1 set of Hot Rebels(Trons with kick), 3 sets of Alley Cats(57PAF), 1 set of Laylas(Clapton), Country Boys (Glen Campbell Signature), Tru 62( 60s strat tone), Specials (Rolling stones tele style), hot rocks( texas inspired strat), and the New HSS set (Tru62 strat neck and mid with a P51 Humbucker)


mahaloMahalo Amplification

When I was at one of the NAMM shows, I met David Allen, the pickup genius, and he suggested I talk to Scott Phillips at Mahalo. I spent nearly an hour at Scott’s booth which is an eternity at NAMM. The clarity, detail, and attitude in the Mahalo amp was just out of this world! These amps are completely American made from the cradle to the grave. Also, these amps do not follow a design and tweak just enough to slap a “boutique” logo on–the entire design is original, Point to Point wiring , and all tube. The amp I spent so much time with is the AEM50, a badass little heart breaker of an amp. Mine was built with purple tolex and an effects loop. I also added a 15in extension cabinet for Mahalo Stacked Tone!


rnrrRock N Roll Relics

I cant say enough about the work Billy Rowe is doing with RNRRs. His interpretations of some of the most iconic guitar styles in history are stunning and painstaking effort is made to give you the feel and sound of a vintage instrument. I have a pink Strat that is my number one for touring. Best part is that they ship with David Allen Pickups. Check em out at http://www.rocknrollrelics.net/


southernbelleSouthern Belle Guitars

Southern Belle Guitars is a growing custom guitar shop out of Beaumont TX. The owner and head builder, Morgan Mitcham, is a road dog like myself with a passion for tone and immaculate guitars. I’ve been thrilled with my custom Telecaster with a Bigsby Trem system and Filtertron style pickups. What’s really cool is that she uses David Allen Pickups exclusively so no need to swap them out!


LogoINTEX-Black(1)Intex Guitar Cables

These babies are heavy duty cables and not for the casual musician. They have extremely solid, heavy duty ends meant for serious touring musicians. They use mil-spec M642/1-2 connectors made of solid brass covered by a custom shell, also made of solid brass, that comes in different colors(even purple) and is fully engraveable. They use Belden 8412, a mic cable that’s been around for over 40 years. This is a balanced cable with a twisted pair which significantly reduces EMI & RFI levels. The outside covering is made of EPDM rubber, this cable lies flat onstage and won’t crawl up your leg or slip causing you to fall. Also the ends are welded not soldered. I love these cables I even have a custom cable built for my Shure GLX wireless. See them at http://www.intexcables.com/


realguitarReal Guitar, Real Strat, Real Les Paul Custom VSTs

Musiclab’s Real Guitar, Strat, and LPC are the finest guitar VSTs on the market today.  They require a preamp VST such as Amplitube, Eleven, or Guitar Rig because they only emulate the guitar.  Once thats all set up, the results are amazing. The ability to seamlessly integrate strumming or sweep arpeggios in a realistic manner opens the door for a keyboardist to have excellent “guitar tracks” without taking years to master a second instrument.  Real Guitar handles the acoustic side of things, offering amazing reproductions of steel and Spanish guitars.


Graphtech Guitar Labs

Logo_GraphTechJamie is thrilled to be working with a world renowned, Internationally known company like Graphtech. Graphtech Guitar Labs has a rich history making the finest guitar parts and accessories for over 30 years. Graphtech started as a small independent business and has grown to be a major MI company. Jamie uses the Tusq Picks, Tusq nut, and String Saver Classic Saddles. Check them out at http://www.graphtech.com/